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02.09.2012, 21:06 Uhr

tut mir leid, aber mein Deutsch ist nicht gut. Deshalb habe ich zu verwenden Englisch, ich hoffe das ist kein Problem... Danke für Ihr Verständnis!

My name's Gabriele, during the past years I have saved some Triumph Adler machines from destruction, namely two Alphatronic P2, two Alphatronic P3 and two monitors.
I wish to repair them back to their full functionality, but there is very little information around, I think this forum is my last hope :-)

The two P2 are the same model, the two P3 instead are different, they have different ROMs and boards revisions and different drives too (one has Shugart drives and another has BASF drives).

The computers have differen problems that I have carefully analyzed and noted.
I can provide more detailed information about each board, and also ROM dumps to anyone interested.

What I need is:

- Boot disk images for P2 and P3 (IMD or Teledisk would be fine).
- PDF or scans of the original manuals, technical manuals and schematics.
- Position of each eurocard board in the backplane (from 1 to 9).
- ROM dumps for the broken ROMs so that I can burn new EPROMS.
- Any support to learn more about the Alphatronics and to fix the boards that have faults.

I hope someone among the users of this forum may help me in this hard task, even partially. Those are very fascinating machines and they deserve to see the light again :-)

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15.09.2012, 21:04 Uhr

Avatar von chip

Hello Gabriele,

informations about Triumph-Adler's Alphatronics are rare in the internet. The only thing I know is a mirror of the historical 'oldcomputers.dyndns.org' ftp site (discontinued in 2007) in which some files of Alphatronic PCs are conserved:


I'm almost sure that the mirror's major domo don't know something about this special content of the mirrored site. I'm sorry that I have no further information about it.


In this forum I found a statement from user 'alexvf' (15.05.2005, 20:39) that he owns two P2 and five P3 and that he will answer technical questions. Seven years have gone since then but it's worth a try:
das nächste mal schreibe ich was interessantes!
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29.09.2012, 11:56 Uhr

Hello, thank you for your reply!

I have searched the internet extensively but information on the Alphatronics are very scarce, but in the "golden days" I'm sure those computers were very popular in Germany (at least in big and small business) and partially even in Italy because there was a strong distribution net and they were widely advertised on main computer magazines in the early '80s.

My only hope is searching german forums now, maybe some user will pop up sooner or later with useful information. Moreover, I would like to make the ROM dumps available to interested people, and acquire more revisions too, to help preserving them.

Vintage computing has become like archaeology: it takes a lot of patience and digging through dust! :-)

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29.10.2015, 17:54 Uhr

Hello Gabriele;

What's been three years?

Alphatronic P2 to experience for yourself - with my little site.

Therefore possible helps my website (below) about Alphatronic P2 or similar devices - such as:
- No cp / m 8080 available - Disk missing !!!! - Or even a problem
- I can on my existing diskettes (48TPI / DD ie 160 kB) write nothing / or read what
- Any document for MOS, floppy driver, display EPROMS (SKS, Triumph Adler, KISS,
or DS2069 from Dr.-Ing. R. HELL Kiel) found or never possessed.
Everything to be found there.
- Or How to boot with the MOS - study further documents from me.

These daily talk or pdf's and or .COM or .BIN down load.


and study. All these devices are based
the development and SKS (Steinmetz Krischke systems), then in Karlsruhe.

There should be a funktioniernde Alpahtronic P2 or similar devices and recordable 160kB floppy exist.

Everything there is to COLD FORMATTER and the recipe (cp / m with wym2p.com -YMODEM of mine developed -HW ++)
internet - <> PC <-> V24 rotating cable <-> Alphatronic (cold with MOS) to bring to a floppy disk.

He who seeks finds.
Good luck and greetings
Helmut Wiertalla
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